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Engineered Fire Protection




Engineered Fire Protection, LLC. is a full service fire systems design company specializing in producing high quality fire systems shop drawings for installation contractors. 

Fire protection is largely a code driven discipline. A thorough working knowledge of the numerous codes and standards that effect today's construction industry is vital to proper fire protection systems selection and design. Construction documents for every project are prepared directly by a registered Louisiana Fire Protection Engineer. 

EFP provides the following Fire Protection Services:

Water Supply Analysis 
Code Analysis 
Combined Standpipe / Sprinkler Systems
Dry Pipe Sprinkler Systems
Pre-Action Sprinkler Systems -
Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems 
Fire Pump Design and Analysis/Hydraulic Calculations
Fire Detection and Alarm 
Smoke Removal Systems
Life Safety Surveys
Third Party Verification of Fire Protection Designs
Code Consulting 


Our clients include architects, developers, building owners, and government agencies. We provide engineering and consulting services to Developers, General Contractors and Building Owners. We have extensive experience working as either a sub-consultant to an architect or as the Prime Designer working directly for the owner. 


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